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ADD Group

ADD Grup is a developer and manufacturer of smart metering solutions. Founded in 1992, the company is based in Moldova and has around 400 employees. The company’s primary product is the ADDAX IMS system for electricity and multi-utility metering. The system offers a suite of interconnected hardware and software tools, including electricity meters, communication endpoints, network infrastructure and data management applications. Supported functionalities include ToU metering, load profile, load control, demand response, fraud detection, imbalance control and prepayment. ADDAX IMS can employ a wide range of communication media such as G3-PLC/PRIME, RF mesh and 2G/4G cellular. The company claims to have been first to deploy smart meters with LTE in Europe. In mid-2019, the company moreover introduced the ADDAX Hybrid PLC+RF solution, based on G3-PLC. A hybrid solution based on PRIME is currently in development as well and will be launched during 2020.

ADDAX is one of the most successful smart metering solutions in the European market and the company currently has more than 7 million smart meters installed in 30 countries worldwide. Russia and Ukraine accounts for half of the installed base but significant deployments are also found in Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. ADD Grup has a completely dominant market position in Bulgaria with an installed base of 1.6 million devices by the end of 2019 for all three electricity DSOs in the country. ADD Grup has also established a strong position in Poland through a series of projects with major DSOs. For example, Energa has deployed over 400,000 units in the country’s largest rollout to date.

The company is also present in the Baltic states where Latvia’s electricity DSO Sadales Tikls completed a rollout to 10 percent of its 1.2 million customers at the end of 2015. Later, ADD Grup was also selected for the first major smart meter pilot in Lithuania. The company has furthermore partnered with Devolo to develop meters for the German market. In December 2017, the first co-developed meter was certified to German standards, and in May 2019, a new co-developed three-phase meter also received certification. During 2019, the company also secured a deal with CEZ in Romania for the supply of 620,000 PRIME PLC meters and data concentrators. Outside of Europe, ADD Grup has significant deployments in countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa. The new hybrid PLC+RF solution had as of February 2020 moreover been deployed in a project covering around 150,000 meters in Krasnodar, Russia. ADD Grup, together with its partner from Lebanon – ACC-K&A JV, KVA SAL, the electricity Distribution Service Provider, signed a contract for the supply of more than 250 000 smart meters for Electricité du Liban (EDL) in Beirut and the Bekaa Valley, after a cooperation process which started in 2016.

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